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Galanthus Elwesii - the "Elwesii" Snowdrop

Is there a better announcement of spring then the first glimpse of a Snow Drop? There is none more elegant and regal than this Galanthus elwesii seen at Jack Lenor Larsen’s Longhouse Reserve in East Hampton, NY on Thursday March 10th. While the rest of the east coast was drenched with grueling rain the east end of Long Island was chilly and partly cloudy with brief rays of sunlight peaking through the clouds.

The Elwesi Snowdrop boasts giant white flowers with predominantly green inner segments and broad, often glaucous foliage. It grows to between 4 and 5 inches high (7+cm). As seen here, the Galathnus Elwesii has lovely, nodding, 3 lobed, bell-shaped, clear white, fragrant flowers; and inner segments, resembling a corona (often green-tipped). It blooms here in the late fall, throughout the winter and into spring. This is a great flowering plant for rock gardens, woodlands and the fronts of borders. It performs best in shade in rich, well-drained soil.

Happy Spring!

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Grass Garden at LongHouse Reserve

The Grass Garden at LongHouse Reserve

Eric Groft of Oehme, van Sweden met recently with Jack Lenor Larsen and Abby Jane Brody at LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton to discuss revisions to the Grass Garden.

LongHouse, located on 16 acres in East Hampton, NY, is the home of internationally known textile designer, author, and collector Jack Lenor Larsen. LongHouse was built as a case study to exemplify a creative approach to contemporary life-style and to provide visitors the ability to experience art in living spaces.

Inspired by the famous Japanese shrine at Ise, LongHouse contains 13,000 square feet, 18 spaces on four levels. The gardens present the designed landscape as an art form in its own right. The grounds also offer a diversity of sites for the preservation of multifarious species where they can flourish for generations to come.

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