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On the longest day of the year, Oehme, van Sweden had the pleasure of welcoming summer by laying out annual plantings at Americana Manhasset. Eric D. Groft and Hilary Oat-Judge of OvS laid out a vast array of colorful and textural plants from the Otto Keil Nursery with Steven Dubner Landscaping’s masterfully assisting in this ambitious annual ritual celebrating Summer.

Oehme, van Sweden’s 30-year collaboration with the visionary staff at Americana Manhasset has provided visitors to Long Island’s premier haute couture shopping destination with dramatic seasonal plantings to complement Peter Marino’s architecture. Here’s a quick look at this season’s combinations.

Laying out the plants at the Coach boutique

Laying out the plants at the Coach boutique

Eric Groft laying out plants at the Chanel boutique

Eric Groft laying out plants at the Chanel boutique

Plantings at Chanel: Colocasia fontanesii 'Black Stem,' Strobilanthes dyerianus, Coleus 'Flirtin Skirts'

Plantings at Chanel: Colocasia fontanesii 'Black Stem,' Strobilanthes dyerianus, Coleus 'Flirtin Skirts'

Iresine 'Blazin Lime' interplanted with Gomphrena 'Fireworks' and Strobilanthes dyerianus

The fuchsia stems of the Iresine 'Blazin Lime' interplanted with Gomphrena 'Fireworks' and Strobilanthes dyerianus play off the bright blooms of the Dianthus 'Bouquet Purple' at the Louis Vuitton Boutique

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Galanthus Elwesii - the "Elwesii" Snowdrop

Is there a better announcement of spring then the first glimpse of a Snow Drop? There is none more elegant and regal than this Galanthus elwesii seen at Jack Lenor Larsen’s Longhouse Reserve in East Hampton, NY on Thursday March 10th. While the rest of the east coast was drenched with grueling rain the east end of Long Island was chilly and partly cloudy with brief rays of sunlight peaking through the clouds.

The Elwesi Snowdrop boasts giant white flowers with predominantly green inner segments and broad, often glaucous foliage. It grows to between 4 and 5 inches high (7+cm). As seen here, the Galathnus Elwesii has lovely, nodding, 3 lobed, bell-shaped, clear white, fragrant flowers; and inner segments, resembling a corona (often green-tipped). It blooms here in the late fall, throughout the winter and into spring. This is a great flowering plant for rock gardens, woodlands and the fronts of borders. It performs best in shade in rich, well-drained soil.

Happy Spring!

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Oehme, van Sweden recently began work on a new residential project on Captree Island, overlooking Great South Bay, a lagoon that’s situated between Long Island and Fire Island, in New York. The focus of our work is a compound of four houses along the Intra-Coastal Waterway between Fire Island and Great South Bay. The architect for the project is James Bouler (AIA) of Bouler Architecture in Islip, NY, and the interior designer is Jim Wood.

Captree Island and Great South Bay offer a majestic landscape and Oehme, van Sweden is looking forward to making the most of what nature has provided!

Captree Island landscape architecture

Captree Island landscape architecture

Captree Island landscape architecture

Rob Fogle of Groundbreakers Excavation places boulders at front of the house

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Recently, Oehme, van Sweden Principal Eric Groft had the pleasure of revisiting the garden of John and Regina Scully, a project he completed a few years ago. The Scully garden is located high on a Louse Point bluff looking over Gardiners Bay in Amagansett. John and Regina Scully were home having come from their native San Francisco to enjoy the fall color of eastern Long Island.

Scully Home

The Scully Home

Scully Home - View

The View Over Gardiners Bay

Scully Home - Terrace

The Terrace

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Oehme, van Sweden recently completed a seasonal update to the plantings at luxury shopping destination Americana Manhasset  on Long Island’s North Shore. Steven Dubner Landscaping installs our designs and Otto Keil Nursery supplies the plants. Together with Rebecca Hollander, Marketing Director at Americana, there is a strong sense of collaboration to tackle this design and installation challenge. See how it all came together – view our photos, below.

Americana Manhasset Fall Plantings

A window box at the Tory Burch store

American Manhasset - Fall Plantings (Entry)

Americana Manhasset - Fall Plantings (side)

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Throughout the years, Oehme van Sweden has undertaken a number of projects in the Hamptons. We love working in the area, not just because of the beautiful scenery and amenable climactic conditions, but because of the ways the community of the Hamptons celebrates the bounty of the land and

Sunset on the beach in Sagaponack

brings it to the table. Dining in the Hamptons is pure culinary luxury, and a recent visit to the area reminded Oehme van Sweden Principal Eric Groft why maintaining the ties between the table and the land yields memorable epicurean experiences.

On Thursday October 21, OvS Principal Eric Groft hosted Dennis Loebs of Loebs & Gordon Pool Craft to dinner and drinks on the beach in Sagaponock to watch the full moon rise to the east as the sun set to the west over Long Island. Loebs & Gordon is considered the preimiment pool contractor of high end pools in the Hamptons, and is an important partner in our work in the area.

The newest restaurant on the east end, Southfork Kitchen in Bridgehampton, was the setting for dinner. This new restaurant features sustainable seafood and local produce, cheeses and wine. Everything served

Soutfork Kitchen

there is grown or raised or caught or baked right there on the East end of Long Island, making the restaurant and its food a true product of the local landscape.

Eric and Dennis each had the clam chowder with soy-cured bacon, garden vegetables and local bay clams. The garden salad consisted of Balsam Farm lettuces, Evan’s Farm buttermilk dressing and Ewe’s thick sliced blue cheese. Eric enjoyed perfectly seared Point Pleasant sea scallopswith North Fork cauliflower, golden raisins and Vaduvon, while Dennis dined on coal grilled Great South Bay bluefish with pickled cabbage and black garlic. The meal was accompanied with a Cote de Rhone.

Southfork Kitchen prides itself on not just representing the farm-to-table movement, but on truly understanding that the supply chain behind farm-to-table is in fact farmer-to-deliveryman-to-prep-cook-to-sous-chef-to-executive-chef-to-server-to-table. It’s no wonder we at Oehme van Sweden appreciate this philosphy – it mimics our own! We are proud to deliver “white glove” service, but in our case, “white glove” does not mean “hands off.” Our Principals and staff are involved in every aspect of our projects, from design through to implementation. On any given day, you can find Oehme, van Sweden landscape architects behind the desk, in a nursery, in a stone quarry, or on our knees in the dirt. Its our philosophy that this hands-on involvement in every aspect of the project leads to beautiful results, and it has been our privelege to deliver these results to clients throughout the Hamptons for many years.

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Summer has arrived at Americana Manhasset! John Knowlton and Hilary Oat-Judge laid out dazzling annuals at Long Island’s luxury shopping destination. OvS has been designing exciting seasonal plantings at Americana for decades. Check out the dramatic before and after shots of this summer’s installation…

The Chanel Store

The Chanel Store (BEFORE)

The Chanel Store (AFTER)

The Michael Kors Store

Michael Kors Store (BEFORE)

Michael Kors Store (AFTER)

 More images from our recent visit…

The Entry

Installing the Planters

Tweaking our Work

Preparing Plantings for the Prada Store

Outside the Prada Store

Cipollini Terrace

For more on what’s happening at Americana Manhasset, check out the Americana Manhasset blog.

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